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Brief professional autobiography


Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.

(William Butler Yeats)

Your message will reach much deeper into your Romanian audience's consciousness if it is expressed in Romanian. A product list, a website, a commercial, a user's manual or a letter, whatever it is, it will be much more powerful if you have it translated.

Two of my principles are to translate only into my native language and to render the message in such a way that the audience does not easily realise it is a translation. Read about my commitment to quality below if you want to find out about my other guiding principles.


A life-long passion

  • University degree in the English language and literature.
  • Four years of professional translation.
  • Eight years of teaching English as a foreign language in four different schools and two different countries taught me how to avoid errors and hunt them down during review.


The immersion approach

  • I have been living in the Netherlands for 7 years and learnt Dutch here.
  • Four hours a day, five days a week, two year-long immersion approach language training.
  • Academic degree in Pedagogics obtained in the Netherlands.
  • Worked for four years in Dutch schools.

I use both these languages in my profession, which involves translation, translation review, linguistic QA and language training.

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Quality above all

My translation related services are based on a number of principles which I always respect in order to keep my quality standards high.

  • I translate only into my native language.
  • I translate accurately, using natural language.
  • I proofread my own translations.
  • I only accept jobs I can do.
  • I follow all client's instructions.
  • I respect the deadlines.
  • I respect my clients' privacy.

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